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Wasps & Hornets: Winged Pests That Sting

Wasps and hornets are common in Victoria, especially during the hot Summer months. Wasps are especially a nuisance because they are aggressive and can nest close to any residential home. Although wasps are an important part of our ecosystem, it is no fun when you’re overrun by them and, for some, a single sting can lead to life-threatening situation, especially for the people who are allergenic to venom. We have three common species in BC, the Yellowjacket, Paper Wasp and the Bald-faced Hornet. These wasps and hornets can hang their nests from branches, roofs, and so they are often visible.


Effective Wasp Control in Victoria

Unlike honeybees, wasps including paper wasps can be aggressive and potentially dangerous. We strongly urge caution around them, especially if you see a nest. As wasp control experts, we strongly recommend against trying to remove a wasp’s nest by yourself and you should stay away from most over-the-counter pesticides as well. They can anger wasps without being very effective at eliminating them. A wasp nest can be the home to up to 5,000 wasps and if you don’t get all of them, you can be in danger, and will probably only make your situation worse.

As a specialist in wasps and general pest control in Victoria, we will deal with the pest problem effectively, efficiently and professionally so you don’t have to worry about anything. Please do not hesitate to contact us for wasp nest removal on or by your home. We will dispatch an expert technician to handle the problem right away.

As experienced technicians, we have the right tools and training to safely remove a wasp’s nest and immediately destroy it so the wasps cannot sting or harm you. We do so in ways that are friendly to both your property and the environment.

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  • We will terminate any Wasp or Hornets Nest immediately
  • We are the most competitive pest control company in Victoria and the surrounding area
  • We always search the surrounding area for further nests so you avoid paying further call out charges.
  • The technician will clean up after your we’re done terminating
  • We are efficient and courteous and answer any questions you may have
  • Our technician only use professional equipment and insecticides designed for use in human environments
  • We are professionally trained at working at heights with ladders and other dangerous situations

Wasp Removal Solutions

When a Wasp nest is terminated or removed, we undertake the risks and hazards so you don’t have to deal with it alone. We have been providing effective wasp nest removal and termination to Victoria residents for years.

Garden City Pest Control for wasps & hornet controlA great time for controlling wasps is early Summer as the queen has just developed her colony and it is probably still fairly small. If this is the case, please contact us immediately. Just waiting only exasperates the problem.

Controlling paper wasp populations during spring emergence is crucial for the safety and well-being of your home and family. By using a combination of prevention, natural remedies, and professional removal, you can effectively control these stinging insects.

Locally owned and operated, Garden City Pest Control has been serving the greater Victoria region for over 20 years. We strive to provide high quality service that is effective and affordable. We are all certified technician and have an ongoing training program to help us stay on top of the ever changing products and new treatment methods.

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