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Silverfish – What Are They And How To Get Rid Of Them

Silverfish are creepy little silvery creatures that you can often find in dark, damp corners of your home. They are harmless to us and our pets, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying and unwanted. They are also a natural disaster for books, clothing, and anything else which contains starch.

Unlike other household pests, silverfish are slow to establish infestation, but once they overrun your home, they are incredibly difficult to control and remove. Thankfully, there are methods of controlling them and getting rid of them if you are vigilant.

Why Do Silverfish Invade Your Home?

While this may not surprise you, silverfish like your home because there is lots of food and no predators to control their population. Homes also have lots of warm, dark hiding places where they can live in peace without being disturbed. These elements combine to make your home an ideal place to live and breed. 

How to Prevent Silverfish From Entering Your Home

Like any other rodents or pests, prevention is key to overcoming silverfish. They often enter a home by transferring from some outside material to inside your home. It is best to inspect anything you bring in your home for silverfish. Common sources of transference are boxes, furniture, and wood materials. 

In addition, simple preventative methods like ensuring you seal cracks, holes, and windows are easy solutions to stop silverfish from making your home their home. 

Lowering the temperature in your house or apartment can also help since silverfish prefer high humidity and warmth. If your home is an unsuitable breeding ground for silverfish, it will prevent their spread and they might go elsewhere. 

Difference between a silverfish and a firebrat

Homeowners can easily mix up silverfish and firebrats as they look almost identical to each other. The biggest difference between the two is the colouring. Silverfish get their name for a reason: they are usually a solid silver or grey colour. Firebrats, on the other hand, are a brown or orange colour. Regardless of which ones are in your home, they are both unwelcome pests and should be treated the same. 

Silverfish - Unwanted Guests

How To Get Rid of Silverfish

You should keep your home dry, clean, and warm. Do not leave any food lying about. Clean up any crumbs and left-over food immediately. Seal any food you have in cupboards. If silverfish do not have any food, they will go elsewhere in search of it.  

If you do see any silverfish, call Garden City Pest, your professional exterminators. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to save you time, effort, and stress so you don’t have to deal with a silverfish infestation or any other critters that come your way. 

More information on Silverfish: Wikipedia

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