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Itchy and Dangerous Pests

What are they?

Itchy, annoying, & painful. Aside from being obnoxious parasites, they are capable of transferring infections and disease to pets as well as humans. If you find them on your pet or in your home, act fast to get rid of the adults, and the troublesome eggs that will keep causing them to come back if not professionally dealt with.

Being as small as they are, these wingless insects are fairly difficult to see on most pets and surfaces but still find a way to get your attention. They are able to jump long distances (around 40cm), and as high as 15cm. Wings or not, they are able to get into all the places that you don’t want them to get into. Once on their hosts, they typically live there for the extent of their lives, usually two to three months. And their jumping legs aren’t the only specialized equipment that they have developed over millions ago: They don’t have mandibles or the typical insect mouth-parts, they have a specialized structure called a fascicle that’s made of three needle-like stylets. They feed by piercing and sucking fluids from their hosts.

Fleas can be given to your pet and brought into your home in many different ways, this can happen to even the most attentive pet owner. Dogs and cats are social animals and like tend to get rather close when greeting others. This is a great opportunity for the flea eggs to jump to a new host. Racoons, squirrels, birds, or cats, any affected animal that could come in contact with your pet or even be touching the same things as your pet, have a high likelihood of spreading the pests.

Fleas will not go away on their own.

Once they have made your way into your house on the pet, the everyday travels of your cause them to quickly spread throughout your home. They tend to cause issues wherever your pet rests and travels, and with any person or pet them come in contact with. That’s when you need to get the professionals to come and take care of the issue. Even if you comb your pet, or use a medicated shampoo, flea eggs stay viable for a long time (some up to 100 days). Re-infestation is a common issue and will continue on for many pet owners until the source of the problem is properly dealt with. 

What are the signs of fleas?

  • Pet will show signs of being itchy from bites
  • Household members may show signs of being itchy from bites
  • Patches on the skin that are red, inflamed, and a slight bump on your pet or household members
  • Flea dirt: Flea droppings (black particles) or flea eggs (white particles) present in your pets fur during inspection or combing
  • You see small black/brown spots that move in your pets fur
  • Flea droppings in your pets bedding or on your furniture

At the first sign of fleas, call Garden City Pest Control. The sooner the eggs are dealt with by our professionals, the better.

Can I deal with them on my own?

There are several over-the-counter medical treatments for pets, prescription-only treatments from veterinarians, and medicated shampoos available to deal with fleas that are directly attached to the pets. Though this can get rid of them temporarily, the chances of infestation from eggs dropped in your house is fairly high. Professional pest control is the best way to ensure your pet and your family don’t have to deal with these pests any longer than they need to.

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